Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring/Summer wishlist 2013

Overcoming fashion shopping is simple! Just make a list or if you are a visual person, then opt for a mood board/collage to get your shopping anxieties in check. 

I want to go shopping so bad! I have a bad habit of over-thinking too much when it comes time to go shopping. I get stressed out and end up not buying anything because I don't know what I want to buy. The best way to overcome those issues is to make a list or put together a mood board/collage just like the one I did! These are some of the things I am lusting over and hope to get my hands on soon :)

Spring/Summer Wishlist

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What went down at eco fashion week season 6

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week took off last week with amazing shows and after parties which made you want to attend to everything.

I was able to go to a couple of the EFW shows and was excited to see the amazing designs. All of the clothing and accessories had an eco-friendly spin to them which made them all that more fascinating because everything looked so chic. Overall, the event had great energy and a great atmosphere which prompted every fashionista in the city to attend. I enjoyed EFW's Season 6 and I look forward to the next one.

All photos taken by Marie Del Cid.

Bhana Design Co.

 Bhana Design Co. showcased dark makeup and slick back hairstyles giving an empowering look.

Bhana Design Co.

Couture Therapy was probably my favourite collection because of the feminine and lace looks. They showcased lace with long skirts and dresses giving an ultra chic quality to the designs.

Couture Therapy

I love lace because it instantly gives off a feminine yet sexy look.

Couture Therapy

War Paint did a fantastic job incorporating studs, military print and skulls, giving the designs a tough and edgy look.

War Paint

War Paint

War Paint

 Hey Jude was another one of my favourites because of the sheer tops, bottoms and dresses. They incorporated a lot of leather looks which was very sexy. All of their garments had an effortless and high-fashion appeal.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude's designers are Lauren Clark and Lyndsey Chow. They upcycle and thrift their garments giving a vintage and cool look.

Hey Jude

Mixing print and fabrics gives a cool street fashion vibe.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude

My Sister's Closet definitely knows how to upcycle their outifts to make them look contemporary and fresh. Their looks were really youthful and fun.

My Sister's Closet

My Sister's Closet has a special connection with East Vancouver because it was formed by the Battered Women's Support Services from East Vancouver.  

My Sister's Closet

My Sister's Closet

The next set was from Collectif Ethik-BGC featuring Mama Rawa, Awaj Warmi, Aywira, and World Hippie Originals. They all had beautiful outfits and jewellery using natural dyes and wool. 

Collectif Ethik-BGC

Collectif Ethik-BGC

Collectif Ethik-BGC

Collectif Ethik-BGC

Collectif Ethik-BGC

 Qispy Kay and Isla Found joined up to showcase their designs. 

Qispy Kay and Isla Found

Qispy Kay and Isla Found

 Peruvian designer Sandra Jazmin Higueras is the designer behind Qispy Kay Beachwear. Isla Found is a collaboration between three women with the inspiration to design beautiful accessories.    


And finally, here I am posing in front of the media wall on day 3 of EFW.

Photo: Jeff Wong | Brenda Bezell

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Vancouver eco fashion week is coming!

Only a few weeks away until Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week (EFW) will be taking place on April 21-24 at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver. 

Photo credit: EFW website

This will be the sixth season for Myriam Laroche and her team to be launching another great eco- fashion week. The team is excited and preparing its final touches before they launch the show. This event has become an important one because it helps encourage a better green lifestyle for the city of Vancouver and internationally.

EFW's mission is to present the industry with sustainable fashion concepts and help ensure consumer values, intentions and actions. More than two thousand global VIP guests, buyers, designers, stylists and others involved within the fashion industry will be attending EFW. There will be speaker seminars, industry panels, showrooms and the runway shows.

"We want to provoke and propel the desire for people to change and become conscious of the environment through as simple as fashion. This will help ensure solutions for a better ecology and society," said EFW's production manager Carly Bradley. "Collaborating with designers and organizations allow us to give people the chance to ask questions about how and where our clothes and things get made."

Carly Bradley enjoying her coffee at Gene Cafe. Photo credit: Marie Del Cid
 The fabulous Carly Bradley is  originally from Alberta and moved to Vancouver about five years ago. She graduated from the Art Institute in fashion marketing and has always had a passion for fashion. She said she loves fashion because clothing is an art form.  
"It's important for people to be aware of sustainable fashion because it's the easiest way to help the environment. We want to help keep this beautiful planet running for future generations," said Bradley. 

Bradley helps with the production and booking for organizations and companies, as well as assist with the showroom, she basically makes sure that EFW will be running smoothly.
"Awareness for sustainable fashion is needed because this is an environmentally damaging industry," said Bradley. She also said that all of the EFW events that will be taking place are all worth to check out.

 You can visit EFW's website for more information on how to get involved such as volunteer opportunities or any other inquiries. Tickets for the show are now being sold so be sure to purchase your tickets.

There is also a great article on EFW on the Toronto Sun's website.
Be sure to follow EFW's twitter and to like their Facebook page.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vancouver fashion week!

Vancouver is slowly but surely becoming an important city for the fashion world. The city is growing and developing its fashion scene and it did not disappoint with its 2013 fashion week.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2013 took place on March 19-24 and it was an exciting turn out seeing all of the local and international designers showcasing their wonderful collections. Every fashionista in Vancouver should've attended at least one of the showings from the week. Here are a few photos to give an idea of what went down.

Vancouver Fashion Week sign on the runway
at the Chinese Cultural Centre in downtown Vancouver.

Media pass for the week.

Opening night on March 19, 2013.

Shelley Klassen of Blushing Boutique

Eva Chen

Mirae Kim

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The real way to look good in green

Consumers can get overwhelmed with the idea of eco-fashion because they are trying to figure out the different materials found in eco-clothing. 

Instead of trying to decide whether to buy organic cotton or bamboo, consumers should start to abide by asking how and where clothes and accessories are made. According to a Montreal Gazette article, people need to think about what really happens to their clothing because once consumers start becoming mindful about the ways in which clothing are made and disposed of, they can put pressure on business to change.


Nicole Ritchie-Oseen owner of Body Politic boutique believes in eco-chic women's fashion.

Photo: Body Politic website

 The easiest way to start making that change is by finding out more information on local eco-fashion stores. Nicole Ritchie-Oseen is the owner of Body Politic, an independent Canadian business as well as an eco-friendly clothing boutique. I was able to catch up with Nicole to ask a couple of questions about her boutique and her inspirations with eco-fashion.

Photo: vanguardpr

Photo: CRAVE

Q:  Tell me a bit about yourself, what is Body Politic?

A: I opened Body Politic in 2008 after completing my post-secondary education. My goal was to have a boutique that showcased a well-curated selection of North American made ethical clothing lines and accessory brands. It began as a bricks and mortar storefront in Vancouver and we added an online web shop about a year and a half later.

Q: What labels does your store carry?

A: Some of our best selling lines are Yoga Jeans by Second Denim, Stewart and Brown, Feral Childe, Dagg & Stacey, Pendleton- The Portland Collection, Dara Ettinger, LABEL clothing, Modaspia and The Podolls.

Q: What kind of clothing do you guys carry?

A: We carry contemporary lines, each with their own sustainability story that are on-trend without sacrificing quality or timelessness. All of our designers have a commitment to sustainability and hold values that are in-line with our mandate as a business. My goal was to show people that "eco" clothing did not mean that you had to sacrifice style.

Q: How do you choose what clothing you are going to sell?

A:  Each line is chosen by me personally. Ultimately I have to like the styles on their own merit and we also focus on brands that keep their production and manufacturing in North America. As there is no standardization in the fashion industry I spend a lot of time talking with designers to make sure that our values are aligned.

Q: Why is it important for people to wear sustainable fashion?

A: The clothing industry is a multi-billion contributor to the world's economy. We vote with our dollars every day with how and where we choose to spend it. By choosing to not spend your money on cheap, throwaway fashion you are making a difference even if it appears minuscule.

Q: What made you go into the eco-fashion industry?

A: I was first inspired by a gentle "challenge" from my mom. When I told her I wanted to open a clothing store she encouraged me to seek out ethical designers. Once I started to do my research I was inspired and knew it was the direction I wanted to pursue. It's not without its challenges but I wouldn't want to operate my business any other way.

Q: Why did your store relocate?

A: One of the benefits of being a small business is that you can be really dynamic and flexible. Our online store began as an add-on but we began selling across North America and realized how many more customers we could reach. We found that we developed great relationships with our online customers which was a welcome surprise.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: My sources of inspiration are endless. Anyone who is willing to be brave and make a difference for the better (in whatever area) makes me feel that there are so many like-minded entrepreneurs out there.

Photo taken by: Peter Jensen
 Both photos found at: famedmagazine

Photo taken by: Peter Jensen

Make sure to check out Body Politic's website to shop and read more information on eco-fashion.
Also, don't forget to follow Nicole on Twitter as well as Like her Facebook page.
There are plenty of other news articles on Body Politic found here and here.
Check out the Montreal Gazette article on eco-fashion found in Vancouver Sun's news site.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vancouver's green future takes action

The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan has already taken in effect starting with the promotion of community green events in the city of Vancouver.

The city of Vancouver has implemented a green action plan called Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. Vancouver's long term goals are to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. According to the provincial government's action plan it's divided into 10 other smaller plans all with long-term goals and targets for 2020. The 10 smaller plans focus on areas such as, carbon, waste and ecosystems. The plan also looks for ways to implement a corporate waste reduction program fro all city facilities, develop a policy that supports the purchase of local food in city-run facilities, plan a program to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, vehicles and city buildings to achieve carbon-neutral functions and lastly to promote green community events in the city.

Greenest City 2020 Action Plan
Photo: City of Vancouver website

Promoting green events applies well with Eco Fashion Week, which is fast approaching to Vancouver on April 21-24, 2013. Creator and president of Eco Fashion Week, Myriam Laroche is the amazing lady behind this green event.

Myriam Laroche is a francophone fashionista who has 19 years of experience in the fashion industry. A self-proclaimed fashion junkie, she has worked as a head buyer, creative director, fashion marketing teacher and a fashion and beauty journalist. Working as a head buyer for retail chains, Laroche learned all of the steps it takes for product development and what goes into producing clothing collections made from raw materials that are anything but eco-friendly.

 Myriam Laroche
 Photo: ecofashionworld

Laroche moved to Vancouver in 2007, and was influenced by the "green" lifestyle which lead to her launching Eco Fashion Week (EFW) back in October 2009, allowing her to produce the first EFW in September 2010, then in February 2011, and the third in October 2011. Laroche hopes to promote more responsible ways to design, manufacture, distribute, sell and dispose of clothing.

"One day, when people think eco-fashion, I want them to think Vancouver."--bcliving interview.

Laroche has worked with many well-known people from the fashion industry such as, international model Gisele B√ľndchen and photographer Raphael Mazzucco. She has also been featured in local and international media such as, the Vancouver Sun; Georgia Straight; Flare Magazine; Voir Montreal; Fashion Television; Global; CBC; City TV; Shaw TV; and many more.

Myriam Laroche photo by Alfonso Arnold
Photo source: ecofashionworld

Follow Myriam Laroche on Twitter and like her Facebook page.
More information on Myriam check out David Suzuki's website.
For more information on Vancouver's green action plan visit the City of Vancouver's website.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

H&M and Global Green U.S.A Launch Garment Recycling Program

Eco-fashion heads to H&M with the new clothing-recycling program which allows customers to take an eco-friendly role. 

H&M named Global Green U.S.A the American affiliate of Green Cross international. On February 21st 2013 it was announced that all H&M stores in the US, as well as all 48 H&M markets worldwide, will allow customers to exchange used clothing. This is part of the global clothing-recycling program. Customers can help the environment by avoiding textile waste and save natural resources. Any piece of clothing in any condition is accepted, people will also receive a voucher for each bag of clothing donated.

This is one way people can help the environment and become part of a "green lifestyle." However, there are plenty of other forms.   

H&M eco-fashion campaign

Photo: FashionMagazine


  Definition for sustainable fashion?

Photo: Pinterest

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! That pretty much defines what sustainable fashion is all about, the concept of considering social and environmental impacts that take in effect of what we wear every day.

Recycling an old skirt, that’s out of style, and making it into something new and trendy is one example of sustainable fashion.The idea of recycling, being creative and doing good for the environment are things that people need to start doing. Who says you have to look frumpy and old- looking with eco-clothing?

 So how could you become an eco-friendly fashionista? Then look no further because there are 6 different ways to do it.

6 Simple Ways to Support Sustainable Fashion

1. Thrifting

Instead of going to the mall to buy a new dress, stop by your local thrift or vintage shops. Thrifting has become a mainstream thing these days, gone are the days where you would feel embarrassed wearing second-hand clothing, now you could end up finding the most fabulous one-of-a-kind piece. Not only is it a great money-saver (bonus for broke college students) but its helping the environment in the process. After all, one mans’ trash is another ones treasure. Some great thrift stores in Vancouver are Value Village (Victoria and 49th location is great), Salvation Army thrift stores (West 41st Avenue and 8384 South Granville) and St. Vincent de Paul Value Shoppe (2743 Main Street, Vancouver).  

2. Natural fibers

Buying natural fibers is good for your body because sometimes synthetic fibers can be itchy and can irritate your skin (if you have sensitive skin) and it can cause you to over-heat as well. Cotton, bamboo, flax and hemp are among the many great natural fibers available to use, not only do they look great but also they are better for the environment.

Bamboo fibers

Photo: Ecofriend

3. Shop at eco-stores

Shopping at eco-friendly stores is a great way to support local businesses in your city as well as helping the environment. Shopping at Eugene Choo, located on 3683 Main Street Vancouver, carry eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, soy, hemp, silk, and cotton to make their formal and casual clothing. If you are looking for yoga clothing and gear, you can shop at Halfmoon Yoga. They are located at 1650 Johnson St, Vancouver, selling organic yoga mats, tee-shirts and leggings.

4. Shopping at Ebay and Craigslist

Shopping online is a great alternative in getting eco-clothing. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist provide listings from people that turn everybody into buyers and sellers.

5. Reconstructing your own wardrobe

Thinking about how you could make clothing new again doesn't necessarily mean having to buy new clothing. Instead of buying new stuff try sprucing up outfits by incorporating different accessories, mixing pieces together. Learning do-it-yourself projects helps you become creative with outfits to make them new and current. A great website to check out for eco-friendly DIY projects is Cara Panico. Going through your clothes and creating different looks will not only help the environment by consuming less but you'll also save some money too!

Sheena Matheiken
 Photo: Calgary Fashion

6. Spread the knowledge!

Researching eco-brands such as, Loomstate, O by Kimberly Orvitz and Edun (just to name a few) are all eco-friendly brands that sell fashionable clothing. As well, there are many eco-fashion blogs such as, stylesavestheworld, ecofashiontalk , and ecco*eco that are good reads to follow and learn more.

Sustainable fashion is the idea to help our planet, to help create a better world for future generations. Making small changes as simple as what you wear can make all the difference to the world. It doesn't take much to make a difference.

Live, Laugh, Love and Shop ;)